We Invest In Your Success

We pay you right now for a share in your home’s future value. 
Did we mention no monthly payments? Yea, it's pretty awesome.

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I'm Buying A New Home

For someone making a new home purchase, we typically work with you to make half the down payment. And the best part? Since this is an investment on our part, you make no monthly payments! We thought you would like that.

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I Own My Home

We make an investment into the equity of your home, and due to our cutting edge process EquityPros can get you money in just a few days to pay off debt, tackle home improvements or even send your kids to college. Money+fast = good.

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How Can


You Buy A New Home?

DOUBLE Your Down Payment
No Monthly Payments To Us
Reduce The Size Of Your Loan
Avoid Monthly Mortgage Insurance
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Help You Access
Cash In Your Home?

No Added Debt
No Interest Payments
No Monthly Payments To Us
See How Homeowner Plan Works

We Built Our Process Around You

no matter which EquityPros plan you choose


First, fill out the short qualification form with some basic information about you and your home. We will immediately provide an offer, at no cost to you.


We'll guide you through the offer to make sure it matches your needs and that EquityPros is the best match for you and your home.


When you accept our offer we'll fill out all the rest of the paperwork, file documents and then the best part. We send you the money. And thats it!

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Home equity Loans without any monthly Loan payments

EquityPros is a modern finance company that believes in a debt-free approach to home ownership. We are an alternative to traditional home equity loans. We provide home equity financing with no monthly payments or interest in exchange for sharing in a portion of the future stock of your home’s value.

Benefits of Partnering With

We hope to earn a return on our investment by sharing in your home’s appreciation when you sell. So when you win, we win. If the value of your home decreases, we will share a portion of the loss.

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No Monthly Payments

Our no interest and no monthly payments financing solution means more cash in your pockets

Tax Savings

Realize the tax benefits of accessing your home equity wealth with a EquityPros Contract

Debt Free Financing

EquityPros contracts are not a loan, therefore you can access your home equity without taking on additional debt

True Partnership

When you win, we win. If the value of your home decreases however, we will share a portion of the loss.

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